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Last of Vintage Harvest Offering

Last of Vintage Harvest Offering

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To celebrate the end of our harvest season, we've created a Last of Vintage Harvest Offering. We've brought together some of our most favorite new releases with two releases from 2021 that are in their waning days.

Featuring 2021 Heintz Chardonnay and 2021 Rice Spivak Pinot Noir, this case is truly not something you want to see pass you by. It's the very last chance to purchase these last of vintage highlights. We've also included two of our current releases - the 2022 Vineyard "Ya Moon" Pinot Noir and the 2021 Windsor Oaks Vineyard Sangiovese. These wines are classics for a reason, and will most definitely be staples in the transition from Summer to Autumn this year. 

The Last of Vintage case special is $750 + free ground shipping (orig. $792 + shipping)

This case contains: 

3 bottles of 2021 Heintz Vineyard Chardonnay

3 bottles of 2021 Rice Spivak Vineyard Pinot Noir

3 bottles of 2021 Windsor Oaks Vineyard Sangiovese

3 bottles of 2022 Vecino Vineyard "Ya Moon" Pinot Noir

Band of Reeve Members: Your club discount can be applied to this case special.