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Noah's Holiday Entertainer's Collection

Noah's Holiday Entertainer's Collection

Don't you worry, we’ve got you covered for your hosting needs. This curated twelve bottle selection was chosen for you by our winemaker/proprietor Noah Dorrance, and we guarantee they are sure to please all those around your table. 

**This collection does not include gift packaging, but it does include complimentary shipping! And Band of Reeve membership discounts apply.**

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+ 2022 Remy Saves the Sea Rosé, Sonoma County // 2 Bottles
+ 2022 Las Brisas Vineyard Vermentino, Sonoma Coast // 2 Bottles
+ 2021 Special Reserve Pinot Noir, Sonoma Coast // 2 Bottles
+ 2021 “Young Vines” Thorn Ridge Vineyard Pinot Noir, Sonoma Coast // 2 Bottles
+ 2021 Windsor Oaks Vineyard Sangiovese, Chalk Hill // 2 Bottles
+ Libertine No.8 Proprietary Red, Sonoma County // 2 Bottles

Complimentary shipping per case until December 12th. Membership discounts apply.